TodayApril 17, 2022

Ford applauds Hydrogen commitment by Bush

100 hydrogen Fords

Ford producing up to 100 hydrogen-powered E-450 shuttles for use in 2006


We are actively developing four alternative-fuel technologies: gasoline-electric hybrids, clean diesel, hydrogen internal combustion engines, and hydrogen fuel cells. Ford Motor Company applauded President Bush’s announcement today of $64 million in federal funds for 70 new projects at universities and national laboratories that have been selected to conduct basic research in support of the hydrogen economy.

With a commitment to creating a better world through innovation, technical excellence, and alternative-fuel vehicle development, Mary Ann Wright, Ford director of sustainable mobility technologies and hybrid programs, joined the President for the advanced vehicle technologies event at a hydrogen fueling station in northeast Washington DC.

” As our chairman, Bill Ford has said, when innovative technology is supported by forward-thinking leaders in government and private industry, great things begin to emerge,” said Wright, chief engineer of the Ford Escape Hybrid. ” At Ford, we are not only delivering leading-edge technology, but we’re also bringing to market smart technology that the customer values and the environment appreciates. Like the President, we believe hydrogen fuel is a critical part of our future.”

Ford Motor Company displayed a Ford Focus Fuel Cell vehicle and a hydrogen-powered E-450 shuttle bus at the presidential news event.

Ford is the only automaker actively developing four alternative-fuel technologies: gasoline-electric hybrids, clean types of diesel, hydrogen internal combustion engines, and hydrogen fuel cells. The Ford Escape Hybrid, the industry’s first hybrid SUV, went on sale in 2004 and has received numerous awards, including being named the 2005 North American Truck of the Year.

Ford Motor Company is producing eight V-10, E-450 shuttle buses powered by hydrogen internal combustion engines (H2ICE) for the state of Florida for use in the Orlando area. Earlier in May, Ford announced a multi-year partnership that will place at least five hydrogen-powered Ford shuttles in operation next year in California Coachella Valley.

Ford Motor Company is advancing hydrogen fuel technologies as a way of reducing emissions and decreasing our nation’s energy dependence on fossil fuels. In addition to the H2ICE shuttle program, Ford is partnering with BP to place a fleet of Ford Focus Fuel Cell Vehicles on California, Michigan, and Florida roads as part of a U.S. Department of Energy demonstration project. Operating these demonstration vehicles in real-world situations creates the opportunity to collect data and advance the development of hydrogen-based technologies.

Developed by Ford Research and Advanced Engineering, the V-10, E-450 hydrogen shuttle is powered by a hydrogen internal combustion engine (H2ICE), which is a traditional internal combustion engine that is modified to run on hydrogen, rather than gasoline. Compared with today’s gasoline engines, the H2ICE delivers up to a 99.7 percent reduction in CO2 emissions and includes many of the benefits of a hydrogen fuel cell, but at a fraction of the cost. Ford plans to produce up to100 hydrogen V-10, E-450 hydrogen buses for delivery to fleet customers in 2006.

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