Panasonic partners with Ford

Elizabeth Halash, Ford Motor Sync3 engineer, talks to Driving the Nation about the 3rd generation SYNC from Ford Motor Company. For the first time, Ford is not partnering with Microsoft, but with Panasonic on the SYNC3. Ford has also dropped the My Ford Touch nomenclature.

In 2007 Ford partnered with Microsoft and showcased their first SYNC, software that allowed your smartphone to Bluetooth to your Ford seamlessly. Today’s SYNC 3 is partnered with Panasonic and MyFord touch is no longer a project. Raj Nair, Ford’s Chief Technology Officer said that 95 percent of all Fords sold in the US in 2014 had a Sync system of some sort on board, making that a total of more than 10 million Sync-equipped cars sold. Ford will also have demos of the latest AppLink-enabled apps including Life360 and AccuWeather at Showstoppers, a nighttime event for journalists at the Wynn Hotel.