TodayApril 16, 2022

Ford’s Frank Davis on fuel efficiency in Ford F-Series trucks

Question and Answer

Ford’s Executive Director of North American Products, Frank Davis, sat with Lou Ann Hammond, CEO,, to chat on Real Wheels chat line.

We were at a Ford Fusion event in Southern California, driving cars that the EPA rated at 47city/47hwy/47 combined mpg, so we expected questions on fuel efficiency, but the first question we got was

Question for Ford exec

To meet the new fuel requirements, will Ford have reduced power, lower hauling/towing capacity, or limit 4 wheel drive capability in the F-350 and other F series trucks?

Lou Ann Hammond :

Ford’s Executive Director of North American Products, Frank Davis, here:

We never thought we would get a question like this about an F350.

Our strategy on pickups is great fuel economy and great capability like the EcoBoost model in the F150 (out since 2011) which offers 22mpg 3,000 payloads and 11,000 trailer tow capability.

More to come on that in the future thanks for the question.

After the chat Hammond talked to Davis about the questions, and about Fusion’s fuel efficiency.

Lou Ann Hammond

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