TodayApril 15, 2022

Foretellix CES 2020 no more dumb miles

Quality versus Quantity

If you drive the same route from work to home every day, you’re going to know those miles better than any software program. You’ll know when Ms. Smith opens her blinds and when Mr. Rogers and his dog stop at the corner. These are called dumb miles or quantity of miles.

Dumb miles are miles that are the same route every day. A company such as Waymo can claim they have driven 20 million miles, but if they are the same miles, the algorithms are not going to learn much, save for the fact that Mr. Rogers and his dog are getting older.

Foretellix is developing a comprehensive framework for Intelligent Autonomous Systems (IAS), with an emphasis on Autonomous Vehicles (AVs). Instead of verifying data through the quantity of miles, Foretellix works with the quality of coverage.

Ziv Binyamini is the CEO and co-founder of Foretellxi. Ziv is a verification visionary and a passionate leader. Binyamini explains that the foundation of the system is a multi-execution-platform called M-SDL – Multiple Scenario Description Language. Foretellix allows the SDL nonproprietary language to be downloaded so that they can accumulate information exponentially, instead of trying to do it alone. Binyamin says M-SDL is the language that is becoming the standard for testing scenarios.

Foretellix’s software language and its deployment is a measurable approach to safety. As an open language, other companies could also create driving scenarios to share with each other to create greater self-driving safety on autonomous vehicles.

Foretellix is working with US and European AV developers and has received two awards from a VW group pilot with an endorsement from VW Autonomy CEO.

Lou Ann Hammond

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