TodayApril 17, 2022

Free car giveaways

Free Cars

Oprah has done it, Kelly and Regis, too. The View, Montel, and others do it more than people realize it. What is it? They give away cars. But, how can you get it on the big giveaway? We’ve got the scope on whos giving what and how to join in the fun.

BMW hydrogen/gasoline bi-fuel

You know you are somebody if you can get this freebie. BMW has a hydrogen/gasoline 7-series that they are letting customers use for real-world testing. The catch is you practically have to be of Nobel laureate quality to get into one. In the United States 25 lucky celebrities, government officials or industry gurus will be driving the 7-series bi-fuel. BMW already has a list, so if you think you qualify to contact the person you know at BMW because if you have to ask who to go to you’re not going to get a BMW.

Chevy Equinox fuel cell

Chevrolet announced “Project Driveway” a few weeks ago. As part of this test market, Chevy will offer hundreds of drivers the opportunity to experience the Chevrolet Equinox Fuel Cell in exchange for comprehensive feedback. The program’s goal is to get
a variety of experiences relative to consumers driving and refueling behaviors. Folks will have to be physically located in one of three communities: Los Angeles, Washington, DC, or the New York Metropolitan area. Participants will have the opportunity to drive the vehicle for 3-30 month intervals over the market test period. In order to get comprehensive customer experience learning, the Fuel Cell Equinox will go into the hands of real people — firefighters, teachers, clerks, and business partners whose driving patterns differ from ours.


If you like football, you’ll love GMC. GMC has the Keys to Victory promotion for a chance to win an all-new 2007 GMC Sierra. Visit Consumers have 16 weeks and 16 chances to win one of 16 trucks. Its a fun, new interactive website hosted by NFL Alumni and ESPN Monday Night Football announcer Joe Theismann.

GMAC – Smart edge

GMAC will have over 1,500 smart edge events around the country. Of course, they want you to finance your car with them, but pick up a decoder and get a chance to win a grand prize. It sounds like the cars you would be trying to win would be a Smart car or a Ford Edge, but the 2 grand prizes are a 2007 Chevrolet HHR and a 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt. Each comes with a $1,000 ExxonMobil gas card and $6,000 to offset taxes.

Other prizes you can win instantly include are XM radios (100), Lowes $10 gift cards (2,500), or iTunes downloads (25,000).

Mazda – Mazdaspeed3

There will be month-long mall events in 16 markets where a car will be on display and consumers can compete in an organized tournament to win tickets to attend a party and compete in a final championship tournament in Las Vegas, where the winner will drive off in a new MAZDASPEED3. For contest rules go to

Mercury – Mercury Mariner

Win a 2008 Mercury Mariner or 500 other gifts. You can play every day.

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