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Fruitcake Challenger heated WAPO carchat

Good Morning Warren and Friends,

It’s time for the WAPO carchat. The first snowstorms of the year always feel like we’re in for a Maunder Minimum, a small ice age. The body is not ready for it, and you need to switch from Summer driving to Winter driving. I’ve written a Top Ten Winter driving tips for snow and ice.

I have to show you this – can you see the fruitcake? This could be the best PR stunt yet; Nissan sent it. The top says, “Holiday Fruitcake The one food that might last longer than the 2017 Nissan Titan’s industry-leading five year/100,000-mile warranty.” Too funny, very timely – and effective.

Looking at Christmas lights on the Genesis G90
Looking at Christmas lights on the Genesis G90

I drove the Genesis G90 – Stretch loved the nightlights in the car and the way our friend’s  Christmas lights looked on the hood of the G90. It’s a $70,000 beauty that got 15 mpg.

The Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring CUV with skyactiv is very affordable at $41,370, and we got 25mpg.

I also drove the Dodge Challenger. Stretch loved the Challenger; the sound when it started up, the fun of driving 0-60. Me, I’m a luxury kind of girl. We’re funny that way. He did agree that he would like the heated steering wheel and heated seats in the car. Total price was $43,575, EPA estimate of 15 city/ 25 highway/ 18 combined.

If you are interested in future alternative energies and alternative universes, perhaps multi-verses, you can check out the article Stretch wrote on EmDrive. Then you will know I call him Sheldon from the big bang theory. :)

Let’s chat about cars

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Dodge Challenger
Dodge Challenger
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