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GKN, Bosch & Peugeot’s diesel 3008 Hybrid4

Bosch GKN and Peugeot – Olivier Emily, an Electric/hybrid engineer for GKN’s global program talked with Lou Ann Hammond, CEO,, at the 2011 Challenge Bibendum. Emily showed Hammond the engine and the way it works.

According to Peugeot 300 units of the first Full Hybrid diesel, the Peugeot 3008 HYbrid4, were snapped up in just 9 days. The car was marketed for €41,500 in France. More diesel hybrids will be on sale starting this Summer,2011.

GKN Bosch Press Release

GKN Driveline – Hybrid & EV technology at Challenge Bibendum 2011
Berlin 18 May 2011

At the 11th Michelin Challenge Bibendum in Berlin, GKN Driveline and some of its vehicle manufacturer customers will be demonstrating the company’s advanced technology to help sustainable mobility into the future.

“The imperative to reduce and eventually to replace the car’s dependency on fossil fuel is at a very exciting stage” comments GKN Drivelines global engineering director, Rob Rickell. “Manufacturers of cars, components, and energy sources are stretched to find solutions to the need for sustainable and reduced emissions mobility. We are proud to be providing realistic driveline solutions at this pivotal time in the history of the motor car.”

In welcoming visitors to Challenge Bibendum 2011, Angela Merkel, Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, comments “Originally faster and faster, then safer and safer and now cleaner and cleaner “this is the evolutionary path of production in the mobility sector.”

For GKN Driveline, the Tier 1 systems and solutions supplier to the global motor industry, the challenge has been to engineer components to help vehicle manufacturers to reduce both emissions and energy consumption while offering attractive benefits to millions of customers.

Among the leaner, greener products GKN Driveline has been working on a range of eDrive products from electric axles (e-Axles) to e-Transmissions and electromagnetic disconnect systems.

Vehicle Manufacturer Interest is High

GKN Driveline is currently working on more than 30 separate electric and hybrid projects and the company has confirmed orders from hybrid and electric vehicle producers in Europe, Asia, and North America.

The first to reach the market in Europe is the Peugeot 3008 HYbrid4, on the Peugeot Citroen display (PSA) here in Berlin. The world’s first hybrid diesel which goes on sale this year is the first of a number of hybrids from the PSA stable equipped with GKN Driveline components “the Peugeot 508 HYbrid4 and the Citroen DS5 HYbrid4 are soon to follow.

GKN, Bosch, Peugeot
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