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Gocycle GS electric bike on sale now!

If you’ve been thinking about buying an electric bike, look at the Gocycle GS. I’ve been riding a G2 for the last year, and I absolutely love riding the Gocycle G2. Last November 2016 I tore my Achilles’ tendons; yes, both of them. I was running down a steep hill when I felt the first one tear. I had to walk all the way back up and the hill and by the time I had they were both thrashed. I was in boots, both feet! for six months. By the time I got out of them at the end of April, I was ten pounds heavier, and my metabolism was shot.

I couldn’t just start walking or running, but I could ride a bike. The problem was I couldn’t get up and down the hills I live in on a regular bicycle without killing my tendons. Enter the Gocycle G2. My good friend Jeff Canepa sells the Gocycle electric bikes. He lent me one and I have been in love!

Richard Thorp left his plush job as an engineer for McLaren. The Gocycle is Thorp’s baby; they’ve already created three models, now the GS is out in multi-colored, Red, Blue, Pink, Light Blue and Black, and multi-accessorized models.

The Vgonomic-designed seat-post and frame geometry is ergonomic. Combine the upright position with height and reach adjustable handlebars and you get a superior comfort level. The really cool part is you can pedal as much as you want using your own energy, or pedal less and use more electricity.

There is also an app that you can Bluetooth too, and it will tell you how many miles you’ve ridden and how many calories you’ve burned. I like the app because I bicycle the same amount of miles, the same route every Monday and Friday, to my gym. I can tell by the calories burnt that I am using less electricity and exerting more of my own energy.

The best part; you can take the bike apart so easily, and fold the bike up, and take it with you.

bike apart so easily, and fold the bike up, and take it with you.

bike apart so easily, and fold the bike up, and take it with you.

Gocycle GS
Front Frame: Grey, White; Cleandrive: Blue, Red, Black, Light Blue, Pink
Motor Drive Control Pedal Torque Sensing
Smart Device Connectivity GocycleConnect® App via wireless Bluetooth®
Riding Modes City, Eco, On-Demand, Custom.
Multiple, programmable through interactive dashboard functions or GocycleConnect App
Electric Drive Speed 20 mph
Range Up to 65km (40 miles) depending on pedal input
Motor Gocycle proprietary motor gear drive 500 watts continuous
Battery Gocycle proprietary Battery Management System (BMS) with improved sleep power management and charge control, increase capacity in frame lithium ion, 13.5Ah, 22V, Approximately 300 Wh
Charging 7 hours (3.5 hours with optional fast charger)
Motor Controller Gocycle proprietary
Handlebar Display With Smart Device and GocycleConnect™ App
Shifting Mechanical Microshift™
Transmission Patented Cleandrive® Shimano Nexus 3-speed
Gear Inches 1st=39.1 in, 2nd=53.3 in, 3rd=72.5 in
Gear Development 1st=3.1 m, 2nd=4.3 m, 3rd=5.8 m
Brakes Hydraulic disk, front, and rear
Tyres Gocycle Performance Tyre (406-50, 20 x 1.75 in)
Front Motor Fork Gocycle proprietary, single-sided, 6061 T6, Uni-form 3D Forged
Rear Suspension Gocycle Lockshock™ 25mm (1 in) travel
Saddle Velo Sport
Pedals Gocycle Folding Standard
Grips Gocycle Standard
Frame Size and Fit Universal Vgonomic™
Handlebar Stem Quick-folding with reach adjustment
Head Angle 70°
Seat Tube Angle 68°
Wheelbase 1065mm (42 in)
Bottom Bracket Height 275mm (11.5 in)
Stowable Dimensions Portable Docking Station for easy stowing and transport (L780mm x W370mm x H580mm)
Approximate Weight 16.5kg (36.3 lbs) including kickstand
Maximum Rider Weight 100kg (220 lbs), including clothing and luggage

The GS is own sale through October. Call Jeff and get your electric bike today 1-844-4GOCYCLE.


Its Electric, It’s Fun

Lou Ann Hammond

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    they didn’t snap at the same time, and the right one was worse than the left, but, yeah, I was in boots on both legs for nine months. I am finally out of both, though the right one is still tender. Thanks for caring. I’m getting there!

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