TodayApril 15, 2022

Good Friday, Easter, NYIAS on washington post

Good Morning Warren and Friends,

If you want to see anything from the New York auto show you will have to go to – there were just so many cars to link to, so I’m highlighting a couple of articles that didn’t show up in the major blogs.

I do want to point out a couple of articles; Truecar just came out with a pre-owned value award. For everyone that still buys a car and is concerned with the resale value, these awards could be interesting.

Forbes came out with America’s best employers to work for in 2016. I widdled it down to the automakers and auto suppliers. Can you guess the number one American auto manufacturer to work for in America? It’s not an automobile manufacturer….

Some of you have asked how to find out if your car has a recall notice. If you’re a member of Liberty Mutual insurance, you can sign up to get a recall notice on any car insured by LMI.

How many of you lease your cars instead of buying? Leasing is now 28% of car sales. It begs the question, Is auto leasing the new car-sharing?

Let’s chat about cars!

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Good Friday, Easter, NYIAS on washington post

Good Friday, Easter, NYIAS on washington post

Lou Ann Hammond

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