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Green Grand Prix July 6th, 2007

Green Grand Prix at Watkins Glen

Eight different power sources and fuels propelled 35 cars around scenic Seneca Lake on July 6th in the 3rd Annual Green Grand Prix at Watkins Glen. This fully competitive Time-Speed Distance Road rally was co-hosted by the Glen Region Chapter of the Sports Car Club in Watkins Glen. According to Bob Gillespie, this is the only event of it’s kind in North America for hybrid and Alternate Fuel Vehicles.. The Green Grand Prix is an annual charity benefit event for the Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association.

Adding a historic perspective to the event Bob Barrett from Angola, NY drove his 1908 Stanley Steamer roadster around the rally route. Other unusual entries driving the entire 80 miles included Robert “Chip” Beams popular Woodchip-powered SUV and Jory Squibbs 3 wheeled “Moonbeam” microcar which achieved 100 mpg. the average for the trip. University student Greg Boyd’s biodiesel-powered truck was the official entry of the Environmental Science and Forestry School at Syracuse, while high-schooler Tim Wilson drove his Honda Insight in the rally.

For the afternoon vehicle display, the Stanley Museum of Kingfield Maine, brought it’s
fire engine- red 1910 Stanley Steamer for demonstrations. A wide variety of hybrids, alternative fuel vehicles, and educational exhibits were on hand while over 250 creative student Alternate Vehicle Designs were shown at the nearby Watkins Glen Elementary School. Young children from 3 to 5 years were given initial safe-driving lessons in Oscar Kovaleski’s famous Kidracers.

Many festival-goers attended a Speaker Forum from 1 till 3 in the afternoon where seven experts gave various talks involving alternate vehicles, hybrids, and fuel research.

Lou Ann Hammond

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