Hans-Dieter Futschik, head of exterior design, Daimler AG

July 19, 2011, Sindelfingen, Germany – No cameras, no mobiles, no iphones allowed in the Mercedes-Benz design centre in Sindelfingen. But we got an interview with Hans-Dieter Futschik, Director of Exterior Design at Daimler AG. There are six design centres worldwide, Palo Alto, CA, Sindelfingen, Germany, Como, Italy, Portland, OR, Beijing, China and Tokyo, Japan.

Daimler employs 11,000 people. There are 500 employees inside Daimler that work on design. 420 of them are in Sindelfingen, Germany.

Futschik told us that the product is the strongest brand mark. Brand and design generate fascination. How important is proportion to design?

Futschik also said that innovation is designed by nature, that Mercedes takes an erotic approach on car forms. With more technical scuplting on the cars, is it harder to design and produce?

The C-class is the best seller, the S coupe CL AMG is the most expensive car in the line-up. Which is harder to design?

We got a preview of the B-Class Mercedes will be showing at Frankfurt. How hard is that to design?

We also saw an A-Class concept. Will that go into production?

There are three points on the Mercedes-Benz emblem. Give me three adjectives that describe those points.

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