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Harman Moodscape – The power of personalization

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) – The power of personalization

Once the HARMAN AudioworX platform is developed Harman is ready to bring a new era of personalization in autonomous vehicles and shared mobility.

“When it comes to their vehicles, today’s consumers are all about the experience and are less concerned about the technology behind it. At HARMAN, we are constantly focused on innovating with the passenger in mind, while integrating emerging technology with software-driven audio to provide the effortless, responsive experiences consumers have come to expect,” said Michael Mauser, President, Lifestyle Audio for HARMAN. “Moodscape and Configurable Entertainment are perfect examples of how we’re reinventing what is possible in the vehicle today, as well as for the autonomous future.”

connectivity and in-vehicle personalization headrest speaker

connectivity and in-vehicle personalization headrest speaker

The sharing economy shows no sign of slowing down, but Apple and Google have made consumers pick sides. They have also made car companies create partnerships to house each operating system. Harman is disrupting the audio space, filling a demand for seamless connectivity and in-vehicle personalization. The initial offering is targeted to shared fleet organizations like Uber and Lyft. HARMAN’s proprietary, software-based can be configured, allowing shared mobility providers to offer multiple in-car brand and entertainment experiences through a single set of in-vehicle hardware. Each passenger can pick them for entertainment.

This puts the P back in personalization, back in the hands of passengers that use ride-sharing, giving the power of entertainment back in the rider’s seat.

Key Features for Configurable Entertainment include:

• Proprietary Shape-shifting speakers: In-vehicle speakers transform in real-time to provide different experiences in line with user preferences. For example, a unique soundbar will dynamically morph from one audio brand experience to another, both sonically and visually.

• Unique Industrial Design: Brand-specific visual elements, including logos and grilles, can change in real-time to match user preferences.

• Adaptive Audio EQ’s: Sound tuning will adjust on-demand to deliver the iconic listening experience associated with the user’s preferred audio brand.

Escape from your Moodiness with Moodscape

While, rightfully so, a lot of attention is being placed on the nuances of autonomy Harman is recreating the interior experience of your ride.

We’ve seen Harman’s ability to create different arenas; different Coliseum sounds through the same entertainment system. Harman has taken the entertainment system to a new level, reading your Mood.

Moodscape is intuition-based, adjusting the in-cabin audio experience, delivering music with mood-based equalization – degrees of bass versus treble, high frequency vs. low-frequency sound, etc. and sound levels. This moodscape will help passengers prepare for whatever is next in their day. Additionally, Moodscape features new HARMAN QLED Auto technology, providing a stunning visual experience for passengers through the first-ever automotive QLED vehicle roof application.

What’s your sign? What’s your biometric reading?

Whether you are heading to a meeting, to a party, or the gym, music motivator leverages future in-car technologies. These technologies include biometric analysis, seamless GPS, and calendar synchronization to build and deliver an audio experience based on the passengers’ whereabouts, schedule, and energy level – so that wherever they are headed, they arrive focused and ready.

Personalized Audio Alerts heightens attention to navigation, weather, and traffic incidents through directional audio which allows the driver to keep their eyes on the road and respond more quickly to prompts.

When Pigs fly or fish swim – anything you want in a moonroof

• Soundscape Audio featuring HARMAN

speakers in door panels

speakers in door panels

: Soundscape Audio fills the cabin with the passenger’s choice of environmental sounds, complemented by a state-of-the-art visual experience through HARMAN’s QLED MoodRoof. Tailor-made for autonomous vehicles, MoodRoof replaces the traditional moonroof with a selection of immersive visual landscapes brought to life by this first-of-its-kind automotive QLED application.

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