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Harman Seamless Connectivity to the Consumer

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Michael Mauser is the executive vice president and president of the Lifestyle Audio division and regional head of HARMAN Europe. Mauser talked about the newest connected-to-life technology called Audioworx.

Audioworx – Configurable Entertainment

Harman is taking the next step in connectivity with a proprietary agnostic framework called Audioworx. AudioworX is a delivery system for entry-level to luxury level. Everything that Harman does from now on will be powered by AudioworX, including Halosonic.

The HARMAN AudioworX framework is comprised of three main components:

• The Operating System: A unified platform enabling rapid design and quick porting on diverse hardware. This platform allows for more in less time with a high degree of flexibility, efficiency, and re-use.

• The Library: An extensive digital signal processing (DSP) library consisting of more than 200 components that accelerate the delivery of rich new audio features while fast-tracking system tunings.

• The Tuning Tools: A comprehensive tuning toolkit with the capability of providing seamless, intuitive, smart configuration. The tuning tools allow precise algorithm and audio control of both audio and Noise, Vibration, Harshness (NVH) algorithms. This control makes it easier to achieve expert system tuning for advanced automotive sound design, both for sound systems and in-vehicle noise management.

Software replacing hardware

Harman has a standard of software that they set the bar for, and they won’t go below that bar. All the OEMs know that and want the software, but some of them have their own hardware. Harman is allowing for the personalization of the hardware and increasing the use of software in audio and entertainment systems.

Harman can take weight out of the car with sound management solutions. Engine noise cancellation or road noise cancellation is done through sound management solutions. The key asset to this noise cancellation is the ability to take dampening material out of the car. This reduction decreases the weight of the car and could increase the fuel economy of the vehicle.

I just got out of a taxi that was filthy, smelled like deodorizer and the driver had music blaring that I had never heard before. Ridesharing in the future, according to Mauser, will be seamless with entertainment and temperature, the mirror, the seat position. The equalization of your sound level can be set to your personal liking.

Key Features for Configurable Entertainment include:

• Proprietary Shape-shifting speakers: In-vehicle speakers transform in real-time to provide different experiences in line with user preferences. For example, a unique soundbar will dynamically morph from one audio brand experience to another, both sonically and visually.

• Unique Industrial Design: Brand-specific visual elements, including logos and grilles, can change in real-time to match user preferences.

• Adaptive Audio EQ’s: Sound tuning will adjust on-demand to deliver the iconic listening experience associated with the user’s preferred audio brand.

Harman has about 43% of the market infotainment in OEM cars. Expect them to grow, seamlessly.

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