TodayApril 16, 2022

Do heels or hills make a difference in mpg in electric car range?

High gasoline prices are the topic of the day

Simon Constable, WSJ’s The Hub, and Ina Parker host the John Batchelor radio show.

High gasoline prices are the topic of the day. In 2008 we had problems with gas prices. Used car prices were low, so one couldn’t sell them.
Now car dealers are short leasing the cars so that they can get them back and release them again.

The Japanese and American manufacturers are being very strategic in their production and in what they say about their supplies.

How do Americans compensate for fuel economy versus high performance?

Are American manufacturers catching up in the small car category?

What are some small new cars that are coming out?

What about the Fiat 500C? Is it fuel-efficient compared to other cars?

Do we also talk about hybrids, electric vehicles, range extenders?

Do driving in heels make a difference on miles per gallon? Or was that hills?

Even tire companies are concerned about supplies of synthetic rubber.

Lou Ann Hammond

Lou Ann Hammond is the CEO of Carlist and Driving the Nation. She is the co-host of Real Wheels Washington Post carchat every Friday morning and is the Automotive, energy correspondent for The John Batchelor Show and a Contributor to Automotive Electronics magazine headquartered in Korea. Hammond is a founding member of the Women's World Car of the Year #WWCOTY, and board member of the Women in Automotive.