North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), Detroit, MI – Henrik Fisker owned Fisker Coachbuild, a high-end design company. Quantum Technologies creates future technology for OEMs, NASA and the U.S. Army. QT, on the QT, had a  proprietary high-performance plug-in-hybrid electric vehicle architecture, known as “Q Drive”.  The two created a joint venture and introduced a beautiful sporty plug-in hybrid car at the 2008 North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January.

Quantum has also invested in Canada-based Advanced Lithium Power Ltd. (ALP). The two will partner in the development and application of lithium-ion battery packs and management systems for plug-in hybrids. This lithium-ion battery pack is in the Fisker Karma.

The year hasn’t been easy for Fisker. Tesla got pithy and filed a lawsuit saying that Fisker was copying them. The lawsuit, as I gleam it, was thrown out and Tesla had to pay the fees of Fiskers lawyers.

Perhaps Tesla was just jealous that General Motors was supplying parts to Fisker, or that Kleiner Perkins was investing in Fisker.

Or maybe they didn’t like the fact that the car would cost $80,400 after the hybrid credit.

Here is Henrik talking about the Fisker Karma.