Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin -“Steady, steady” ten times around the long curve Hurley Haywood said as we drove the Porsche Panamera S around Road America. I wouldn’t say I raced because it was my first time behind the Panamera and my first time around Road America and I needed to get a feel for the road. I also wouldn’t say raced because I was with Hurley Haywood who makes me look like I’m driving Miss Daisy.

Haywood started his career in June of ’69 at the Watkins Glenn racetrack. He won the first time out. In the fall of 1969 Haywood was called to serve in Vietnam. He wouldbe gone till 1971. Not missing a beat, the day after Haywood got back from Vietnam he showed up at Watkins Glenn racetrack and won again.

Haywood has gone on to race for Porsche for the last forty years, winning five Daytona 24-hour races, three Leman 24-hour races two Sebrings and some other races.

Haywood sat in the instructor’s seat three times with me: once in the S, the 4S and the twin turbo. Here he is talking about how I did in each car.