Good Morning Warren and Friends,

I am sure all of you will be with me in sending good thoughts to our fellow Americans caught in Hurricane Harvey. I’ve been kept up to date through some of my Texas Auto Writer’s Association (TAWA). Most are doing okay, but a couple have had their homes flooded. How are the people you know in Texas and Louisiana?

I’m in Berlin, Germany attending IFA 2017, aka tech world, aka connected life.

Samsung bought Harman Kardon last year, and they are now considered a major competitor in the connected car and the connected life. One of the cool ideas is to be able to listen to music in your home and have it go with you to your car, without missing a beat.

As we get closer to autonomous driving what do you think you will do in the car while you are being driven? Listen to music? Shop on Amazon? Harman brought out three new speakers, Allure with Alexa (Amazon), Invoke with Cortana (Microsoft), and JBL Link range with Google Assistant. All three can be talked to, but with Amazon, you would be able to shop as well. Imagine having all your shopping done before you arrive home, and it is delivered by drone the next day. This is the way rich people live!

Do you like the idea of creating your own car from an old car? Sort of like pimp my ride with a Porsche 911? I spoke with the CEO of Singer Vehicle Design and Gunther Werks last week. To give you an idea, the absolutely stunning titanium Singer watch starts at $40,000. (I know me either. :)

I am going to Karlsbad, Germany next to see all the new stuff Harman has in speakers. After that, I will go to Frankfurt for the auto show. If there are any pictures of cars, you want me to take send me a note now to lou at drivingthenation dot com.

Let’s chat about cars

Click on the picture to read the rest of the Washington Post carchat from September 1, 2017:

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JBL link, Amazon Allure, Microsoft Cortana Invoke