Hyundai future Infotainment system at CES on Driving the Nation

Hyundai future Infotainment system at CES on Driving the Nation

Mitchell Zarders, Senior Engineer, Hyundai Technical Center, talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO,, about Hyundai’s future infotainment systems at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Zarders goes through what is available now, next-generation concepts and what will be available in the future. He calls them on-board multi-media system, off-board multi-media system and cloud-based multi-media system. On-board is what you already have on board, AM/FM, Sirius, etc. Off-board is controlled by your smartphone, and cloud-based system that takes from the cloud and brings it into your car.

What will we see in the Hyundai cars in the near future, and what will take the longest? Is this technology developed by Hyundai, and if so, where?

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