Preview the Hyundai Hydrogen bus. Released in late November of 2006, at an estimated $3.5 million dollars to build, the Hydrogen bus is capable of going up to 180 miles on a single fueling and houses a supercapacitor. It is expected to be released for commercial use in 2010.

Three years after introducing its first fuel cell bus to the world, Hyundai Motor Co. today unveiled its second-generation hydrogen fuel cell bus at the Seoul Motor Show. Now, Hyundai is showcasing it’s 3rd generation hydrogen bus at the Pyeongchang winter Olympics

2nd Generation Fuel Cell Electric Bus Specifications
Fuel Cell Stack 200kW 450V Horizontal Array
Proprietary Hyundai Technology
Supercapacitor 450V, 100kW, 42.8F
Motor PMSM 100kW x 3
Top Speed 100km/h
Fuel Storage 6 Cylinders @ 350 bar (5000 psi)
Maximum Range 360km (City Mode)
Occupancy 26 seats