TodayApril 17, 2022

Hyundai hydrogen FCEV display Mabuk Korea

South Korea Hydrogen Highway

Hyundai recently showcased that its latest autonomous SUV, Nexo, can deliver Level 4 autonomy. The South Korean carmaker believes this breakthrough in self-driving vehicles was possible because Nexo’s electric motor runs on hydrogen fuel.

The largest Korean automaker Hyundai revealed the industry-best range for hydrogen at the South Korean Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. Hyundai’s hydrogen-powered autonomous self-driving SUV, Nexo, can deliver Level 4 autonomy as well as four third-generation hydrogen-powered electric buses. These vehicles and buses will shuttle Olympic visitors around Guangneung and PyeongChang. Hyundai will offer Nexo’s electric motor that runs on hydrogen fuel.

In 2007 Hyundai showed us the fuel-cell vehicle they were working on.

Come take a look at a Hyundai hydrogen FCEV (Fuel cell electric vehicle) display in Mabuk, Korea. Complete with flashing lights, this display allows you to get a very good grasp of the way it all works. South Korea Hydrogen Highway is rolling out around Seoul and is expanding to other regions and islands and will help the rollout of Hyundai-Kia fuel cell cars.

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