Rolls-Royce 200EX

Los Angeles, CA – Ian Cameron, Chief designer, Rolls-Royce, unveiled the 200EX then showed me the extra bits and some of the concepts on the car.

From the purse holder to the wet coat holder these innovations are strikingly Rolls-Royce, though they have not been seen on a Rolls yet. The red double RRs on the grill lets you know this car is a concept. Production Rolls have black RRs.

This new Thermo Electric Generator (TEG) technology generates and captures energy from exhaust heat. The Thermo Electric Generator works off of a thermoelectric effect, which is the direct conversion of temperature differences to an electric voltage. i.e., a voltage is created when there is a different temperature in or around the device. The TEG produces energy when the engine is under load, i.e., accelerating rather than decelerating or idling. It functions at it’s best from 37 MPH to 74 MPH (60 to 120 kmh) and can save up to 5% fuel.