2010 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS)

Detroit, MI- Ian Robertson is a member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Sales, and Marketing.

Once again BMW has brought out a bunch of cars. Robertson goes through them; the X6 hybrid, the 7-Series, the 5 Gran Turismo and the Active E hybrid. Robertson talked about what they learned from the MINI-E and how much they were able to put into production on the Active E. 500-600 Active-Es will be put into production for further study.

Robertson also talked about the efficient dynamics that BMW was incorporating in all its cars, such as start-stop.

Cars with carbon on them, not coming out of them

BMW created a joint venture to manufacture carbon fibers and fabrics for the automotive industry. The joint venture has SGL Group holding 51%, and the BMW Group holding the other 49% of the shares. The joint venture will be operated through two companies, one based in North America (SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers LLC), and the other in Germany (SGL Automotive Fibers GmbH & Co KG). The BMW Group will have access to key technologies in the production of their Megacity Vehicle which is part of the project-i group of vehicles.

This will allow the BMW Group to use the composite material carbon fiber in their electric vehicles.

Hence, the carbon on cars, not out of cars.