For years I’ve been hearing about homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) in gasoline engines, but no action had been taken. Recently at a Bosch event, in the left bottom corner of a gasoline display was the HCCI emblem. Is HCCI still an option for the future?

Hakan Yilmaz, Bosch’s Global Technology Management, Gasoline Systems, explained to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO,, that gasoline is the prevalent fuel source for as long as we can see. HCCI is an advanced combustion that gives the gasoline engine the fuel efficiency of a diesel engine.

The target for HCCI is to improve fuel efficiency by 25 percent, decrease emissions to SULEV, and make HCCI a commercially viable system. Is Bosch close to meeting these goals?

Since HCCI demands very precise controls of injection. Which engines will this system work on?

If you include HCCI in those engines, what would the outcome be? If you use HCCI with certain gasoline engines will they surpass diesel engines in fuel efficiency?

How close are we to seeing HCCI engines in demo versions?