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Jeep, Mazda, Gocycle, my open road real wheels carchat

Good Morning Warren and Friends It’s time for WAPO Real Wheels carchat

My 92-year old neighbor, Barbara had a party on July 23rd to say thank you to everyone for being her friend. On July 30th she left us. I can see her sitting next to her beloved husband, Louie, in heaven, him watching Nascar, her watching the old westerns.

Real Wheels I drove

I drove two very different vehicles this week, a Jeep Grand Cherokee Eco Diesel and a Mazda mazda3 manual transmission, and a really fun electric bike.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee diesel starts at $52,000, and I got 27.9 mpg mainly because I spent so much time on the highway, but with how backed up traffic as I’m still surprised I got that.

The 2016 Mazda Mazda3 5-door grand touring 6-speed manual transmission was a delight to drive. I like Mazda’s, but I also liked driving the manual. I got 23.9 mpg on a car that has an EPA estimate of 26 city/35 highway/29 combined.

The electric bike is a Gocycle. I’ve just started driving around on the electric bicycle, but I love it so far. There are a lot of hills around here, so I’m building up my stamina.

Here’s a thought for you – –

There’s an app that keeps track of your college kid’s alternative transportation skateboarding etc. to school. The more alternative biking skateboarding done, the more points they get. The points can be used for buying stuff from the groups on the app.

Right now students are getting drinks and fish tacos for free, but why stop there?

The one thing the Universities need to do is sell these ZEV emission reductions to the car companies. Tesla Motors was paid $130 million last year by car companies for ZEV credits.

Wouldn’t it be great if the Universities could substantiate their claims of ZEV credits and apply for ZEV credits from the alternative means of transportation that students are using? Wouldn’t you love to see kids going to school from ZEV credit scholarships? What if your college told you if you didn’t buy your teenager a car they would reduce college admission fees?

Let’s chat about cars

Click the picture below to go to the Washington Post Real Wheels carchat for August 5, 2016

Jeep, Mazda, Gocycle, my open road, real wheels, carchat
Jeep, Mazda, Gocycle, my open road, real wheels, carchat
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