TodayApril 16, 2022

Jim Press, Chrysler, on Fiat, at the 2009 Chicago auto show

“Chrysler is a seventeen month old company. The old company is gone.”

Chrysler President and Vice Chairman Jim Press speaking before the Economic Club of Chicago at the Chicago Auto Show on Feb. 12, 2009.

In the speech Press said, “It’s important to nothe that this alliance (with Fiat) would adhere to the condietions of the U.S. government loan. No money from the U.S. Treasury would flow to Fiat. And repayment of government support will be our first priority as we regain profitability.”

Following the speech Press answered these questions:

Has Nissan frozen it’s work with Chrysler on the Hornet?

Is Chrysler working viability plans working with FIAT and not working with FIAT?

How does Chrysler explain that FIAT would get 35 percent of Chrysler if Chrysler got $3 billion from Congress, yet the next 20 percent would only cost FIAT $25 million?

Would FIAT get any of the stimulus/bailout cash before the loan was paid back?

Does FIAT plan to bring the Fiat nameplate back into the United States? What is the deal with Fiat predicated upon?

Will Chrysler meet the agreements of Congress with the UAW and their creditors

Lou Ann Hammond

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