TodayDecember 1, 2021

Jim Press on the reality of the auto business

Chrysler President laying off employees

Jim Press, President and Vice Chairman of Chrysler LLC talk about the reality of the auto business.

Jim Press reality

Chrysler is trimming dealers, reducing production. GMAC, General Motors, and Chrysler’s financing arm, just announced that they are laying off 60% of their employees.

How will Chrysler survive and be profitable?

Lou Ann Hammond

Lou Ann Hammond is the CEO of Carlist and Driving the Nation. She is the co-host of Real Wheels Washington Post carchat every Friday morning and is the Automotive, energy correspondent for The John Batchelor Show and a Contributor to Automotive Electronics magazine headquartered in Korea. Hammond is a founding member of the Women's World Car of the Year #WWCOTY, and board member of the Women in Automotive.