Volkswagen of America

Jonathan Browning, President and CEO, Volkswagen of America, Warren Brown, Washington Post journalist and Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, talk about Volkswagen of America.

Volkswagen has had reliability issues in the past. How are they doing now? How are the warranty claims against current products?

In July 2011, Strategic Vision Inc. (SVI) presented the results of its 2011 Total Quality Index. The study is conducted with owners of vehicles. According to Strategic Vision’s press release, Volkswagen of America (VOA) was rated the best Full-line Corporation in Strategic Visions study. VOA had three models (Golf, Jetta and Tiguan) that were Total Quality leaders, with attributes of Design and Exterior Styling that particularly impressed owners, along with many other cues of Quality that were very impactful upon owners.

Kia says one of the cars they benchmark their cars against is Volkswagen. Ford of Europe says that Volkswagen is their number one enemy. Who does Volkswagen benchmark their cars against?

Diesel is Volkswagen’s first alternative to gasoline in the market. What are others?