Jose Carlos da S. Pinheiro Neto, General Motors do Brasil, Vice President is passionate about his job. Jose (Joe-say, not Ho-say like in Spanish) Pinheiro Neto (the third), has worked with General Motors do Brazil for 35 years. General Motors and Bosch created flex-fuel vehicles and showed them to Brazil. Pinheiro knew that this vehicle was needed; it would allow the customer to choose the fuel that fit their needs. Pinheiro is Brazilian, he speaks Portuguese, he used to be in Government Affairs for General Motors do Brasil. And he is a lawyer. With all that it still took almost 5 years to work a deal with the government to get flex-fuel vehicles into Brazil and a tax incentive in place.

90 percent of General Motors sales today are flex-fuel vehicles and Brazilian people are now able to choose the fuel, controlling the prices of ethanol (alcohol) and gasoline.