Karma to debut in 2021

Karma’s first-ever all-electric variant to debut in 2021
A new family of sedans to wear the GS badge with updated technology and powertrain options
Reservation site created for pre-orders

Karma Automotive announced it will be introducing a new name for a family of vehicles in 2021 called the GS Series. The lineup will include updated electrification options, technological advancements, and Karma’s first-ever battery electric (BEV) luxury sedan.

For a fully-refundable $100 deposit, interested individuals can reserve a place in line. The GS lineup will retain the same exotic design of the Revero to continue with its legacy. Still, it will include technological advancements and a price point to bring new customers into the brand.

“We are pleased to announce that Karma will now offer our first all-electric vehicle next year as part of the GS series,” said Dr. Lance Zhou, Karma’s CEO. “Cost reductions in the (Bill of Materials) BOM, streamlining our supply chain and standardized production methods also allowed for a new, more attainable pricing structure for the GS lineup allowing for higher market penetration, opening up the market to a larger group of entry-level luxury buyers.”