Your chariot awaits! Kia Motors announced that by 2030 they plan to have an autonomous vehicle on the road. At the SEMA 2016 Kia showcased four vehicles that highlight the diversity of Kia.

Kia Soul First Class

Imagine rear-facing seats, no steering wheel, privacy to work amidst an array of luxury enhancements is what Kia imagines “Autonomous Life” might one day look like.

The first class Soul at SEMA was embellished with a 40-inch flat-screen connected to premium-level speakers throughout the cabin. A custom motorized center console reveals two tablets, which control this futuristic Kia. To match the first-class electronic system is the first-class comfort with white and grey leather with diamond stitching throughout and gray wood flooring to match. The Soul’s exterior is adorned with a PPG Lux Blue paint. Look up and down at the modified upper and lower grilles with LED lighting and the Aerodynamic 19-inch Rotiform Monoblock CCV wheels.