Cars are parked 22 hours a day on average yet the world will have 2.5 billion cars in 2050

The costs of car ownership and travel are far higher than anyone realizes: a 100 km total trip costs between 65 and 80 dollars when parking, fuel, wear and tear, insurance, depreciation, repairs are included. A car is usually parked and unused 22 hours a day but still incurs costs. Why not let someone use the car when you’re not and make some money at the same time Robin Chase told me for this article. Shes launched Buzzcar in France as part of a strategy for reducing carbon emissions and congestion in cities. ” Stephen

Why do car owners get so much more public space than bus riders, bicyclists or walkers?

By Stephen Leahy

BERLIN, Jun 2, 2011 (IPS)

The worlds more than 850 million cars and small trucks are parked 20 to 22 hours a day. Why not use these vehicles more efficiently by letting other people drive them when the owners arent, asks Robin Chase, CEO of Buzzcar, a car- sharing network to be launched shortly in France.

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“Sharing vehicles is much more efficient and represents a huge opportunity,”