TodayApril 15, 2022

Living the dream in a sailboat

Living the dream – We can’t believe it’s been over a month since we left our jobs but it’s been crazy busy. Of course, we had to start with a little downtime, so we spent some time at adult Disneyland aka Vegas. Since then it’s been endless weeks of getting the boat ready including adding solar panels and a wind generator, amongst countless smaller items that I’ll detail on the boat page (one day).

During boat work “breaks”, we managed to head to San Francisco for the America’s Cup (I can’t believe the US won), some wine tasting, and sightseeing. Plus, we’ve had quite a few “final” lunches, dinners, and drinks with friends –both local and visitors to SoCal.

However, now that we’ve got the boat in good shape (you never wait until the list is done as you’ll never leave), we’re finally getting off the dock.

The Baja-Ha-Ha doesn’t depart San Diego until October 28, but we’re going to spend a little time at anchor in the Channel Islands then sail south to Catalina Island for Buccaneer Days and Cruisers Weekend before continuing south to San Diego with plenty of time to provision and fix whatever we’ve broken on the way..:-)

Our home is a Beneteau Oceanis 473, which for the non-boaters, means it’s 47 feet long. I won’t bore you with the technical details (yet) but the basics are it has 2 bedrooms (cabins), 2 bathrooms (heads), a relatively large living room (salon) and kitchen (galley) as well as a very large cockpit (?) that has twin steering wheels that allow us to fight for control — although Audrey usually wins. Living the dream 

Richard James

Richard and Audrey James are living the dream of many of us. They are sailing from California to the Caribbean via the Panama Canal then along the north shore of Colombia to the Caribbean.. After 23 years of working at General Motors North America and GM Latin America, Africa and Middle East (LAAM) James and his wife bought a sailboat and ventured out on the high seas. Sailing has been in James' blood since he was a student in Australia on an exchange program at the University of Toronto. He has raced and cruised sailboats wherever he happened to be living and on charter boats in the Caribbean. He also took a previous sabbatical earlier in his working life, sailing a 36-foot sailboat from Toronto, Canada to the Bahamas. Follow James and Audrey as they traverse the world in their sailboat, and as they reimmerse themselves into the work world.