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March 20, 2015 Washington Post Real Wheels

Good Morning Warren and friends

Last week’s chat was so much fun with all of you chiming in about your favorite snack in the car that I wrote an article; Top ten healthy snack foods to eat in the car on a road trip on Driving the Nation.

So, today the question is what is the worst snack/food you have ever tried to eat in a car? Last week Warren said BBQ. I would definitely agree with that one.

How many of you drink coffee while driving but still think it’s dangerous?

Is there anyone that won’t eat or drink in his or her car? I met one woman this week that wouldn’t but it’s because she has suede seats.

I drove the 2015 Volvo V60 T6 R-design this week. It’s seemed lighter than the Volvos of old, a bit more nimble. Of course, it is the R-design.

The car I drove would cost you $48,225 out the door (without tax) and got about 25 mpg of city and highway driving. And, no I still wasn’t kind to the pedal. I try to drive all cars the same so that you get a real-world comparison.

Part of the $48K includes a $900 charge for blind-spot monitoring. Volvo didn’t have a backup camera, which surprised me. All of you know I believe that backup cameras and sensors save lives, especially children. Volvo is known for safety so I’m surprised they haven’t included that as standard. They did have sensors.

The next year 2016 model cars are required to have backup cameras.

I would have liked a more robust radio sensor. I live in the country and occasionally the signal in the car has to be reacquired, but in the Volvo, it happened more often than in any other car I’ve driven lately.

For any of the beautiful people out there looking to buy the fastest SUV in the world I offer you

The 2016 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S Is the Carmaker’s Most Powerful SUV Yet

Let’s chat about cars;

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