Geneva Auto Show

Hi Warren and friends

How old is your car and how much did you pay for it? Was it used or new when you bought it?

How much did you finance and what was your finance rate?

I’m doing a story and want your input. You can answer here, or email me at lou at

March 08, 2013 10:56 AM

Geneva Auto Show
Hi guys, I love the work that you do. I’ve been following the Geneva Auto Show and as always, there’s a heady mix of cars for the masses (VW GTI) and for the 1% (Lamborghini Veneno). Which new cars do you think will have the greatest impact over here in the States?

March 08, 2013 9:47 AM

Warren Brown :

That’s easy. Cars such as the VW Golf VII, which won the European Car of the Year Award. They are accessible to the masses, which means that they are the cars that will have a major effect on what cars we will buy.

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