Mary Nichols, Chairperson, California Air Resources Board (CARB), spoke at the National Hydrogen Association conference in Sacramento, CA.

I have taken parts of her speech, and her interview with me afer the speech, and broken them up into relevant subjects.

This video is an interview after Mary Nichols’ speech. In defense of Nichols, some of the questions I asked might not be under her jurisdiction.  But, the reason Californians are getting charged more “fees” is because we’re not looking at what WE can do to decrease emissions.

1. There is a difference between using and wasting gasoline. Going through a drive-thru is a waste of gasoline, and if California really wanted to reduce demand why don’t they shut down all drive thrus from May-September, when gasoline is at it’s highest demand?

2. What about congestion pricing?

3. Why do we allow pre-1974 cars NOT to be smogged, and yet – just sitting, rotting  – a pre-1974 car emit’s as much emissions as 70 new 2007 cars.

Californians are part of the problem, and they need to be part of the solution.