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Maserati and Antinori ~ an Italian collaboration

Modena, Italy – All of a sudden I love Maserati even more than I used to love them. Maserati is partnering with the historic Tuscan wine-maker Antinori, my favorite winery in Italy.

Maserati says they chose Antinori to underline one of the Brand’s fundamental values: Italian excellence in the uncompromising pursuit of quality. I’ll drink to that! Not while driving, of course.

Italy, Maserati, and Vino

In the hills of Tuscany is a modern building with old traditions. The expertise of wine-making, olive oil pressing, and corking are art forms that hold historical tradition to the Antinori family.

antinori family tree - the Antinori family

antinori family tree – the Antinori family

Who are the Antinoris?

The Antinori Family has been making wine for more than six hundred years and 26 generations, ever since Giovanni di Piero Antinori joined the Florentine Guild of Wine-Makers (“Arte Florentina dei Vinattieri”) in 1385. The Antinori family is a privately held family-run business.

Maserati’s partnership with Antinori will see special events only of high quality in beautiful settings. I could only imagine being driven up the narrow street to the winery (stop at the American cemetery if you have time) to drink a 2012-2013 Tignanello Antinori with Luigi Piovano playing or directing an orchestra. Bellisimo!

driving up the narrow street to the winery - don't drink and drive

driving up the narrow street in a Maserati to the winery – don’t drink and drive

You can find Maseratis and Antinori in California too

If you can’t get to Italy, try going to Napa and visit the Antica Napa Valley winery, a great mixture of Antinori and California. Of course, you’d want to be in my favorite Maserati, the Gran Turismo S.

2012-2013 Tignanello Antinori

2012-2013 Tignanello Antinori

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