Maserati Levante rising in New York auto show

The word Levante means rising in the East, where the sun rises. Maserati will showcase the car they believe the sun rises on, the Levante. Maserati’s entire vehicle line-up will accompany the luxury all-wheel-drive SUV powers up with a twin-turbo V6 or V8 engine, designed and built by Ferrari.

2019-Maserati_Levante_Zegna_PELLETESSUTA-300x225 Maserati Levante rising in New York auto show Maserati

2019 Maserati_Levante_Zegna_PELLETESSUTA

There will be two North American premieres:

The One-of-One customization program, and a new leather interior in Pellestessuta, made by Ermenegildo Zegna exclusively for use in Maserati vehicles.

One of One: A new customization program

Maserati features Italian artisanal craftsmanship with the most exquisite finishes through its One-of-One customization program. Customers select from thousands of interior and exterior options to meet their personal needs and tastes. Whether it’s a favorite color palette, material or design inspiration, the Maserati design team works closely with each client to create a vehicle, as unique as each person who drives it. This program exemplifies Maserati’s ability to construct customized one-of-a-kind automobiles. On April 17, there will be a world premiere at the New York Auto Show as a celebrity receives the keys to their never seen before personalized ONE OF ONE Levante GTS. This program will roll out to North American dealers soon to satisfy the discerning tastes of clients.

2019-Maserati_Levante_Zegna_PELLETESSUTA-interior-300x200 Maserati Levante rising in New York auto show Maserati

2019 Maserati_Levante_Zegna_PELLETESSUTA interior


Following the world premiere in Geneva, the Zegna Levante S Q4 GranSport showcases a newly designed elegant PELLETESSUTA™ interior with a bronze exterior. The supple woven Nappa leather interior was created through the pioneering research of Ermenegildo Zegna and is showcased exclusively in this Maserati Levante. The soft, luxurious, lightweight material is not only durable but brings comfort and beauty to the Levante interior. Through a longstanding partnership between Zegna and Maserati, two historical Italian companies, Maserati is the only automotive company to bring this elevated PELLETESSUTA™ interior to the market. This unique interior trim will begin arriving in North American showrooms in the Spring of 2020 on multiple models.

2019-Maserati_Levante_Zegna_PELLETESSUTA-dash-300x200 Maserati Levante rising in New York auto show Maserati

2019 Maserati_Levante_Zegna_PELLETESSUTA dash

Every Levante is all-wheel drive and powered by a twin-turbo V6 or V8 engine designed and built by Ferrari. Taking performance to a new level, the Levante offers everything you would expect from a Maserati, from responsiveness to long-distance refinement. Levante gets its name from a wind that blows across the Mediterranean, transforming from calm to gale force in an instant. For more information visit the Maserati website.

The entire Maserati product range will be at the New York International Auto Show

Maserati’s product range includes the powerful and refined Levante SUV, the Ghibli sport sedan, the flagship Quattroporte sedan, and the legendary GranTurismo Convertible that perfectly represents Maserati’s DNA.

Maserati_Levante_GTS-300x160 Maserati Levante rising in New York auto show Maserati

2019 Maserati_Levante_GTS

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