Pricing for the all-new 2015 Golf GTI

Good morning Warren and Friends

Pricing for the all-new 2015 Golf GTI has been announced and it starts at $24,395 for the entry-level S trim in the two-door form with a six-speed manual transmission, an increase of just $195 over the base price of the previous model.

I drove the Subaru WRX, base $31,195 total $31,990. The tuning is definitely male and I even had a guy stop me at Starbucks (he was in an old beat-up truck) and rave about the design of the car.

I also drove the Kia Cadenza and loved everything about it except the smell. Kia/Hyundai must use a different glue than the other manufacturers because I have gotten in their cars and they don’t have that new car smell. Have you noticed that?

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