2011_hyundai_elantra May sales for the auto business on the John Batchelor radio show Auto industry news Automobiles and Energy Podcasts Radio The John Batchelor show A reversal of fortune? Look, we’re lucky to have the numbers we do. the tragedy in Japan, the job numbers, the rise in fuel prices. It’s amazing anyone is willing to spend money.

This is the first time in a while Chrysler has been in third spot, behind General Motors and Ford. That’s just for the month of May, but Chrysler’s loving the love.

Will the tragedy in Japan put them in a downward spiral for years?

The Associated Press reported that the Nation is going to lose $14 billion from the loans. The AP said that the government expected to lose $48 billion. But until the government  sells the stock it owns you can’t say for certain how much money is lost.

How is General Motors, Ford and Volvo (John Batchelor’s favorite) doing?

Who is doing the best? Can we say Hyundai/Kia.