North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), Detroit, MI – Stuart McCullough is a Member of the Board, Sales & Marketing for Bentley, and Christophe Georges, president & COO, the Americas. Both sat down at the Detroit auto show to answer some questions.

I asked all the executives this question:

Our federal tax dollars go to the government so that they can create Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE). Automotive companies spend money to fight CAFE or to implement CAFE. In either case, the consumer is paying more taxes, or more for the car. Would it be better to give an escalating tax credit to the consumer that buys a high mileage car? For example, give a tax credit of $5,000 for a car that gets 30 mpg and is 40% made in the USA? A bigger tax credit for more mpg and a bigger percentage of made in the USA?

What percentage of a Bentley is recyclable? What is the percentage of Bentley cars made that are still on the road?

What alternative fuels will Bentley be bringing out? flex-fuel, diesel, electric?