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Mercedes-Benz Museum Christmas calendar

Mercedes-Benz Museum classic car

The Mercedes Classic Center USA is offering the 2005 collector editions of the Mercedes-Benz Museum classic car calendar and date planner. Both items highlight classic Mercedes-Benz automobile design and performance, and both are available in time for the holiday season. The colorful, collectible 18 x 24-inch calendar for 2005 celebrates the languages of the world while illustrating the diversity of classic Mercedes design.

Thirteen artful compositions by award-winning photographer Markus Bolsinger present two ends of the wide Mercedes spectrum by featuring the limited-production Mercedes-Benz SS (SuperSport) and the large-scale production 170 V convertible. The photos of these two models are complemented by two classic Mercedes service vehicles — the Lo 2000 D truck and an ambulance based on the 320 passenger car model.

The texts accompanying the calendar photos are written in various languages, and the month names on each of the calendar pages are dedicated to one of twelve languages.

The newly introduced Mercedes Classic Center 2005 date planner features a colorful cover photo of two renowned Mercedes-Benz sports/racing cars: the 300 SLR driven to victory in the 1955 Mille Miglia by Stirling Moss, plus the legendary 300 SLR “Uhlenhaut” gullwing coupe. The handy 8 1/2″ x 6″ format provides information on automobile racetracks, museums, clubs, and events. The weekly diary pages display scenes from worldwide classic car events with an overlay of classic events taking place that week while still providing ample space to record daily appointments.

Classic Mercedes At Its Most Exclusive

The Mercedes-Benz SS featured in the 2005 calendar recalls an era when customers were purchasing high-end Mercedes models, including the SS, which had the option to select custom bodywork and interior appointments. These customized models were produced by a special body shop adjacent to the main factory in Sindelfingen. The open-top four-seat Mercedes-Benz SS featured in the 2005 Mercedes Classic calendar was ordered by British Mercedes Ltd. in 1929. Its 7.1-liter in-line six-cylinder engine produced 200 horsepower and enabled a top speed as high as 115 mph.

Mass-Production with Individuality

The Mercedes 170 V convertible presents an interesting contrast to the exclusive SS model. Though mass-produced, the 170 V still offered a measure of individuality. There were as many as nine versions offered of the company’s most successful pre-war car series, with a total of 86,615 cars built.

The convertible featured in the 2005 calendar was one of four different open-top models. Customers could also choose from two-door and four-door sedans and touring cars, and an additional open-top version was designed for police use.

Service Vehicles With Flair

The two commercial vehicles featured in the 2005 Classic calendar further demonstrate the engineering and production versatility of Mercedes. The Mercedes-Benz Lo 2000 D was the first light-duty truck with a diesel engine launched by the company in 1932. The ambulance is based on the 320 passenger car model, which had replaced the 290 series in 1937 and was better known for refined Pullman limousines, elegant coupes, and sporty roadsters.

In an emergency, the ambulance crew could rely on a powerful six-cylinder engine and a rugged suspension system. The 2005 Mercedes Classic calendar ($36) and date planner ($14.95) can be ordered through the Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Center “ 1-800-FOR MERCEDES (367-6372), online at or at a Mercedes-Benz dealership.

Mercedes-Benz Classic Center the USA

Created along the lines of the renowned Mercedes-Benz Classic Center in Fellbach, Germany, the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center USA ( is the first to be established in the United States by an automotive manufacturer. The Classic Center provides a complete, specialized service for Mercedes-Benz classic vehicles (models twenty years out of production) including parts availability and pricing assistance, and technical information.

The Classic Collection, a boutique featuring Mercedes-Benz classic accessories and automobilia, can be reached through the website or by using the toll-free number. With a move to a California location planned for 2005, Classic Center operations will expand to include the purchase and sale of classic vehicles as well as appraisal and repair services. An inventory of vintage vehicles will be on hand and available for use in recreating the unique Mercedes driving experiences from past years.

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