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Michelins Challenge Bibendum in Shanghai, China

2004 Shanghai, China – Michelins Challenge Bibendum

Michelin is known in the US as a tire company. Around the world, it is becoming known as the Challenge Bibendum founder. Michelin touts that the Challenge Bibendum was born out of the will of all the players in the automobile world, from manufacturers to energy suppliers, as well as their technical partners, to enhance and clarify the current debate concerning sustainable mobility. Such an approach is essential if we are to accelerate the promotion of road mobility to meet the energy, environmental, and human challenges of tomorrow.

The sixth in a series that first began in 1998 in France and which has since alternated between Europe and the United States, Challenge Bibendum’s Asian Debut will take place from October 12th to October 14th, 2004, in Shanghai, immediately after the inaugural Formula 1 race that will also take place there.

“Challenge Bibendum makes a significant contribution to the development of sustainable road mobility in China by showcasing the available range of clean vehicle technologies and their potential for the future,” said Eric Jugier, chairman of Michelin China.

143 vehicles -87 passenger cars, 21 buses and trucks and 35 two-wheels-, 57 learning center exhibitors, some 400 guests, and 500 media and around 500 participants attend the Challenge Bibendum 2004. For the public day on October 14th, the city authorities expect around 2000 visitors, which makes this event the biggest Michelins Challenge Bibendum has ever organized.

According to the New York Times, China has just set it’s first fuel-economy rules. About 30 million, out of 1.3 billion, are licensed, motorists. The infrastructure and the ability to motorize all the willing Chinese are concerns for the Chinese government. Environmental concerns are just coming into play as more Chinese are driving and the air quality does down and fuel prices go up.

The aim of this event, according to Michelin, is to provide leaders of opinion and decision-makers “ political representatives, media, industrialists “ with impartial information on the latest technological advances in the field of environment-friendly vehicles.

The Challenge Bibendum does not set out to provide solutions, but to highlight the most significant global advances, via demonstrations of vehicles and technology.

The vehicles that will be participating in the 2004 Shanghai China, Challenge Bibendum are;


Year, Make & ModelPropulsion SystemFuel/Energy StorageEnergy Source

2004 Audi AG A2Fuel CellHydrogenHydrogen

2004 Audi AG A8ICESulfur DieselBiofuel

2003 Audi AG A3ICESulfur DieselBiofuel

2004 Aurora solar car Aurora 101Solar PowerBattery:Kokam Lithium Polymer, 5.5 KwHSolar

2004 BMW Mini One DICEDieselDiesel

2004 Lancia Ypsilon 1,3 MultijetICEDieselDiesel

2004 Honda Accord 2,2 i-CTDiICEDieselDiesel

2004 Mercedes-Benz E320 CDIICEDieselDiesel

2004 Opel Astra 1.9 CdtiICEDieselDiesel

2004 Volvo S60 D5ICEDieselDiesel

2003 Peugeot 307 HDIICEDieselDiesel

2003 VW Bora 1.9 TDIICEDieselDiesel

2003 VW Passat TDIICEDieselDiesel

2004 Audi A8 3.0 TDIICEDieselDiesel

2004 BMW X5 3.0dICEDieselDiesel

Year, Make & ModelPropulsion SystemFuel/Energy StorageEnergy Source

2004 BMW 740dICEDieselDiesel

2004 Volkswagen Touareg V10 TDIICEDieselDiesel

2001 Brilliance Auto Zhonghua 2.4ATICEGasolineGasoline

2001 Brilliance Auto Zhonghua 2.0ATICEGasolineGasoline

2001 Brilliance Auto Zhonghua 2.0MTICEGasolineGasoline

2003 CEV CEV3000HybridDiesel & Batteries (528V/45Ah NiMH)diesel

FAW CA7150NHybridGasoline/Batteries (528V/45Ah NiMH)Gasoline

FAW CA6110SHHHybridDiesel/Batteries (528V/45Ah NiMH)Diesel

2000 Courrages La Bulle °rBattery-ElectricBattery: Ni-CdElectricity

2004 Courrages EXEBattery-ElectricBattery: Lithium-ionElectricity

2004 Mercedes-Benz FCell A-ClassFuel CellGaseous HydrogenHydrogen

2004 Mercedes-Benz E-Class 220 CDIICEDieselDiesel

2004 Smart ForTwo CDIICEDieselDiesel

2004 Smart forfourICEDieselDiesel

2002 Dongfeng Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. EQ6110HEVHybridDiesel/ElectricityDiesel

Year, Make & ModelPropulsion SystemFuel/Energy StorageEnergy Source

2004 Dongfeng Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. EQ8041Battery-ElectricBatteryElectricity

2004 Dongfeng Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. EQ8061Battery-ElectricBatteryElectricity

2004 Dongfeng Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. EQ8081Battery-ElectricBatteryElectricity

2004 Dongfeng Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. EQ8111Battery-ElectricBatteryElectricity

2004 Yigao (Suzhou) Electrical Vehicle YongFengFuel CellHydrogen-BatteryHydrogen

2004 Yigao (Suzhou) Electrical Vehicle YongFengFuel CellHydrogen-BatteryHydrogen

2005 Ford Escape HybridHybridGasoline / Battery (Nickel Metal Hybrid)Gasoline

2003 Ford Mondeo SciICEGasolineGasoline

2001 Ford FocusFuel CellGaseous HydrogenHydrogen

2003 Ford Focus Station WagonHybridH2 gas & Li-Ion BatteryHydrogen/Electricity

2003 General Motors Opel ZafiraFuel CellGaseous HydrogenHydrogen

2003 General Motors Opel ZafiraFuel CellLiquid HydrogenLiquid Hydrogen

2004 Chevrolet Silverado HybridHybridGasoline & BatteryGasoline

2002 General Motors Hy-WireFuel CellHydrogenHydrogen

2004 Habo Chem. Tech. Co., Ltd. HABO-1AerodynamicH2O2H2O2

Year, Make & ModelPropulsion SystemFuel/Energy StorageEnergy Source

2004 Hunan Univ. Huda3Battery-ElectricBatteryElectricity

2000 Hyundai Santa FeFuel CellHydrogenHydrogen

1996 I’veco (Nanjing) Vehicle Co., Ltd. IVECO A40-10ICEDieselDiesel

2001 Michelin ConceptHybridGasolineGasoline

2004 Michelin Hy-LightFuel CellHydrogen & OxygenHydrogen & Oxygen

2004 Qingnian Auto TNP 6127ICEDieselDiesel

2004 Qingnian Auto TSP 4250ICEDieselDiesel

2003 Nissan X-Trail FCVFuel CellHydrogenHydrogen

2004 Peugeot Quad PACBattery-ElectricBatteryElectricity

2004 Citroen PICASSO ICEBio-diesel:Diesel/30%FAMEDiesel/Biofuel

2004 Peugeot 307 SedanICEEthanol E20Gasoline/Biofuel


2004 Baokang (Hubei) Energy Research Institute Qingshan CW1ElectricityBatteryElectricity

2004 SCUT (South China Univ. of Tech.) GZ6110HEVHybridDiesel/BatteryDiesel/Electricity

2004 Shanghai EV Scooter EL-102D-36ABattery-ElectricBatteryElectricity

Year, Make & ModelPropulsion SystemFuel/Energy StorageEnergy Source

2004 Shanghai EV Scooter EL-102D-24ABattery-ElectricBatteryElectricity

2004 Shanghai EV Scooter EL-102D-24Battery-ElectricBatteryElectricity

2004 Shanghai EV Scooter DC40-Z03Battery-ElectricBatteryElectricity

2004 Shengli (Shanghai) Technical Co., Ltd SLFC-Tourist-1Fuel CellHydrogenHydrogen

2004 Shengli (Shanghai) Technical Co., Ltd SLFC-Tourist-2Fuel CellHydrogenHydrogen

2004 Sunwin Bus Corporation SWB6115Q3-3(K6)ICECNGCNG

2004 Sunwin Bus Corporation SWB 6122ICEDieselDiesel

2004 Sunwin Bus Corporation SWB 6120V3ICEDieselDiesel

2004 Thunder-Sky 2000WBattery-ElectricBattery: lithium batteryElectricity

2004 Thunder-Sky 800WBattery-ElectricBattery:lithium batteryElectricity

2004 Thunder-Sky EV36WBattery-ElectricBattery: lithium batteryElectricity

2004 Thunder-Sky EV-6700Battery-ElectricBattery:lithium batteryElectricity

2004 Thunder-Sky EV-2008Battery-ElectricBattery:lithium batteryElectricity

Year, Make & ModelPropulsion SystemFuel/Energy StorageEnergy Source

2004 QingYuan QYEV-1Battery-ElectricBattery:lithium-ionElectricity

2004 QingYuan QYEV-2Battery-ElectricBattery:lithium-ionElectricity

2004 Start Two Fuel Cell CarFuel CellHydrogenHydrogen

2004 Toyota PriusHybridDieselDiesel

2004 Jinghua (Beijing) Coach Co., Ltd. TH6116FCEV-BFuel CellHydrogenHydrogen

2003 Beijing Jinghua Coach model AHybridHydrogenHydrogen/Electricity

2005 Venturi FetishBattery-ElectricBattery:Lithium-ionElectricity

2004 Volkswagen TouranFuel CellHydrogenHydrogen

2004 Volkswagen Bora TDIICEDieselDiesel

2002 Volkswagen Golf IVHybridSunDiesel/BatteryBiofuel

2003 Volkswagen Lupo 3L TDIICESunDieselSunDiesel

2001 Volvo 3CCBattery-ElectricBattery:Lithium-ionElectricity

2004 Volvo S80ICEGasolineGasoline

2004 Volvo S60 PZEVICEGasolineGasoline

Year, Make & ModelPropulsion SystemFuel/Energy StorageEnergy Source

2004 Volvo S80 Bi-FuelICEGasolineGasoline

2003 Wanxiang (Zhejiang) WXEV-3Battery-ElectricBattery: EV-120AhElectricity

2004 Wuhan Univ. of Tech. AspireBattery-ElectricBattery:Ni-MH rechargeable batteryElectricity

2003 Xiangtan Electric Vehicle Co. Ltd. XD6120HybridDiesel/BatteryDiesel

2004 Forever TD P972ZBattery-ElectricBatteryElectricity

2004 Forever TD A975 3ZBattery-ElectricBatteryElectricity

2004 Forever TR 2000PICELPGLPG

2004 Forever TR 2004PICELPGLPG

2004 Forever TR 2005PICELPGLPG

2004 Forever TR 2007PICELPGLPG

Year, Make & ModelPropulsion SystemFuel/Energy StorageEnergy Source

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