2010 Challenge Bibendum

Richard (Dick) Wilkerson is the Chairman and President, Michelin North America, Inc.

Wilkerson talked to us at the 2010 Challenge Bibendum held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Wilkerson talked about the technology 20-30 years from now in the auto business.

China, India, and Brazil are major backbone infrastructure, and Michelin has major projects going on in those countries.

All car companies are partially owned by a Chinese company. How much of Michelin does a Chinese company own?

How does the cost of oil effect Michelin?

In the thirty years of Wilkerson being at Michelin has he ever seen the price of tires go down when the price of oil goes down?

Wilkerson has gone through four recessions. Which was the toughest on Michelin?

Who were the leaders during that time?