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Mini reveals Untold, Resolute, and Untamed special editions

 MINI is bringing out three special edition packages:

  • Mini Resolute
  • Mini Untold
  • Mini Untamed 

If you want to know about all three special editions this is an extensive video of the Resolute, the Untold, and The Untamed. It is long, but you will know all there is to know after you watch it.

2023 MINI Untamed, Resolute, Untold Special Edition Video with pricing

MINI Resolute 

The MINI Resolute Edition will be available on the MINI Hardtop 2 Door, including the MINI Cooper SE electric vehicle, the MINI Hardtop 4 Door, and the MINI Convertible. 

The Resolute Edition clearly emphasizes the individuality, traditional style, self-confidence, and unmistakable charisma of the original in the premium segment of this vehicle class.

MINI Untold 

The MINI Untold Edition will be available on the MINI Clubman and the MINI Untamed Edition for the MINI Countryman, including the MINI Cooper SE Countryman ALL4 plug-in hybrid model. This is the first time that MINI will launch and produce special editions for all current models of the tradition-steeped British premium car manufacturer will be launched at the same time. 

The versatile qualities of the MINI Clubman, in combination with its stylish design and unique body concept, are highlighted particularly intensively in the Untold Edition. 

MINI Untamed

The MINI Countryman sharpens its profile as the perfect companion for spontaneously heading out on adventures beyond the city’s bounds in the Untamed Edition. Each special edition has its own distinct model-specific characteristics with attractive body paint finishes and alloy wheels, high-quality interior design, and exclusive decorative elements for the exterior and interior. 

2023 MINI Resolute Edition Hardtops and Convertible

MINI Resolute – A joy to drive

2023 MINI Resolute Special Edition Video

The original in the premium small car segment, the MINI combines a thrilling drive with an unconventional appeal that is attractive to different target groups. The Resolute is characterized by its hallmark design and modern premium character. This is why MINI enjoys a unique position in this competitive environment. The MINI Hardtop 2 Door, with its classic body concept, just like the MINI 5 door with its extended functionality, stands for experience-oriented urban mobility in the 21st century. The true MINI feeling is an ode to Joie de vivre and openness. 

The MINI Cooper SE combines the original style with locally emission-free driving fun. In addition, the MINI Convertible complements the brand’s unmistakable appearance with a simply elegant, youthfully fresh look. 

The Resolute Edition is available for the MINI Cooper S Hardtop 2 Door the MINI Cooper S Hardtop 4 Door. It is also available in conjunction with the all-electric MINI Cooper SE and the MINI Cooper S Convertible. 

design and color 

The exclusive design and equipment features of the Resolute Edition reinforce the hallmark characteristics of the MINI models and combine them with modern, high-quality design accentuations. The Rebel Green exterior signals pure sportiness – a previously reserved color exclusively for the top athlete MINI John Cooper Works. 

The color combines with a Pepper White roof finish and Pepper White exterior mirror caps for the MINI Hardtop 2 Door and MINI Hardtop 4 Door. On the MINI Convertible Resolute Edition, the electrically operated soft top and the exterior mirror caps are finished in black. 

Hallmark design features are showcased in exclusive Resolute Bronze. This includes the headlight surrounds, the radiator grille and rear lights, the side scuttles on the front side panels, the handles of the doors and tailgate, the air intakes in the front apron, and the fuel filler cap. The brand logos and model lettering provide an attractive contrast, as do the inner frame of the radiator grille, the tailpipe trim of the exhaust system, and the horizontal radiator grille strut in Piano Black. 

On the MINI Hardtop 2 Door and the MINI Hardtop 4 Door in the Resolute Edition, a black stripe runs around the lower edge of the windows. 

Both the bonnet stripes and the door sills of the edition vehicles feature a pattern of parallel lines with a color gradient between a light and a dark shade of gold and the lettering “RESOLUTE.” The asymmetrical design gives them a high-quality and unconventional look in hallmark MINI style. 18-inch alloy wheels complete the sporty appearance of the edition vehicles in Pulse Spoke Black design. The MINI Cooper SE features 17-inch alloy wheels in Electric Collection Spoke design. 

The exclusive flair of the interior of the edition vehicles is enhanced by sports seats in Black Pearl / Light Chequered fabric/leatherette, which are combined with black armrests and knee rolls. This color scheme perfectly complements the Rebel Green paint finish and the black and bronze exterior design features. The Nappa sports leather steering wheel features an edition emblem on the lower spoke, and the roof liner of the MINI Hardtop 2 Door and MINI Hardtop 4 Door models is in anthracite. 

The interior surfaces created especially for the Resolute Edition emphasize the cars’ premium style. Parallel and evenly curved lines in a light shade of gold form a noble pinstripe pattern on the black background of the surfaces. 

At the same time, they pick up on the structure of the bonnet stripes. The specific design features provide targeted interior illumination, as well as with the Ambient Light. There is also a laser-engraved ring for the central instrument, light piping in the doors and cockpit area, as well as illuminated door handles and door entry areas. 

The Resolute Edition’s exclusive design features make up a carefully crafted package for premium exterior and interior style. They also tie in particularly harmoniously with the clear and purist MINI design language. In addition, the MINI Driving Modes are part of the equipment package for the Resolute Edition. 

The classic sporty flair of the colors and materials combine with advanced digital technology in the interior. The latest generation of the MINI operating system optimizes the quick and intuitive control of vehicle functions, audio programming, communication, navigation, and apps. Live widgets on the 8.8-inch touch display of the central instrument activate the desired menu item with a swiping motion like that on a smartphone. 

2023 MINI Cooper S Clubman Untold Edition

The MINI Untold Edition: a sporty understatement

2023 MINI Untold Special Edition Video

The MINI Clubman is an exceptional phenomenon in the premium compact segment. Its modern interpretation of the classic shooting-brake concept combines tradition and understatement with progressive and lifestyle-oriented characteristics. The unique body concept with four doors, a long roofline, and the split doors at the rear consisting of two side-opening wings give the MINI Clubman an elegant appearance and provide a high degree of functionality. Its interior offers seating for five variable storage volumes that can expand from 17.5 to up to 47.9 cu ft. 

The Untold Edition emphasizes the role of the MINI Clubman as the stylish individualist in its class, in what is bold and exclusive appearance. The refined sophistication of its design combines with a powerful sporty look. The Untold Edition is available for three model variants. The range includes the MINI Cooper S Clubman and MINI Cooper S Clubman All4. In addition, the 301 hp MINI John Cooper Works Clubman is the top performer of the MINI lineup is available in the Untold Edition. 

The Untold body and interior design

The unmistakable appearance of the MINI Clubman and the specific design features of the Untold Edition gives it a playful presence. The Sage Green metallic paintwork, available for the first time on the MINI Clubman, and the distinctive design of the front and rear aprons inspired by the John Cooper Works Aerodynamic Kit provide a stylishly sporty look. 

The hallmark MINI surrounds on the lower body sections are not in black as usual but in a dark shade of green for the first time. The five narrow, parallel sport stripes running centrally across the bonnet and roof are also specific features of the Untold Edition. The side scuttles, manufactured using a high-quality 3D printing process, have a specific stripe pattern. This exclusive graphic also features the logo projected from the door mirrors and sill trims. 

The 18-inch alloy wheels in Untold Spoke design with 2-tone surfaces in the Jet Black/Refined Brass combination have also been developed exclusively for the special edition vehicles. The brass color scheme is on the radiator grille surround. The radiator crossbar on the MINI Cooper S Clubman and MINI John Cooper Works Clubman models and the “Clubman” lettering is on the split doors at the rear. 

The Piano Black exterior equipment with door handles, exhaust tailpipes, MINI logos, and model lettering in black is an integral part of the Untold Edition. 

Sports seats in the exclusive MINI Yours Leather Lounge Sage Green version transfer the powerful exterior character to the interior of the edition vehicles. Light-colored seams and piping and textile inserts in the upper and outer areas of the seat backrests create a stylish seat surface look. Sports seats are also available in the MINI Yours Leather Lounge Carbon Black variant. 

The cockpit features illuminated accent strips in Sage Green and exclusively designed interior surfaces with a subtle striped pattern and green color scheme. Another stylish visual accentuation is the air vents’ surroundings in Refined Brass. The bottom spoke of the Nappa sports leather steering wheel, and the floor mats feature an edition emblem. 

The MINI Clubman in the Untold Edition also offers high-quality equipment in addition to the exclusive design features. Beyond the standard equipment of the premium compact model, it also includes Adaptive LED Headlights, the MINI Excitement Package, and the MINI Driving Modes, as well as the anthracite-colored roof lining and the Interior Light Package. 

2023 MINI Cooper SE Countryman All4 Untamed Edition

The Untamed Edition: Ready for adventures beyond the city limits

2023 MINI Untamed Special Edition Video

The biggest model in the MINI range is also the most versatile: The MINI Countryman has established itself in the premium compact segment as a stylish all-rounder. Four doors, a big tailgate, five seats, and an exceptionally variable interior with a luggage compartment volume of 17.2-47.4 cubic feet ensure a high degree of practicality. 

The optional ALL4 all-wheel-drive distributes power as required in all weather and road conditions. The MINI Countryman handles everyday urban traffic just as confidently as it does excursions that take it onto unpaved terrain. It also plays a pioneering role on the path to particularly sustainable mobility. The MINI Cooper SE Countryman ALL4 enables locally emission-free driving fun in city traffic and beyond thanks to its plug-in hybrid drive. 

The character of the explorer and adventurer is emphasized even more intensively with the new Untamed Edition for the MINI Countryman. The edition vehicles’ exclusive design and equipment features highlight the robust look and off-road potential. The Untamed Edition is available for the MINI Cooper S Countryman and the plug-in hybrid MINI Cooper SE Countryman ALL4. 

The Untamed Robust look, exclusive details 

Thanks to its exterior design specifically geared towards robust versatility, the MINI Countryman in the Untamed Edition encourages you more than ever to head out into nature and explore new roads and paths spontaneously. The exclusive Momentum Grey metallic paintwork gives this MINI Countryman a unique appearance, further enhanced by the MINI ALL4 exterior look, featuring specific trim elements also finished in body color. 

The harmonious color scheme emphasizes the design language of the MINI Countryman’s exterior. The lower air intake surround, including the suggested underride guard, the air curtain inserts in the front apron, the side skirts, the reflector inserts, and the lower insert in the rear apron, are painted in Momentum Grey metallic. And a glance at the MINI brand logos on the bonnet and tailgate reveals that the emblem’s black lettering and graphic elements combine with a background in body color. 

Four diagonal stripes, each in Frozen Bluestone, in the lower area of the doors show that this car is ready to take on any road or path. The 18-inch alloy wheels in Untamed 2-tone design with burnished surfaces have been developed exclusively for the Special Edition vehicles. 

The Piano Black Exterior option, which includes the equipment range of the edition vehicles, adds additional black design features. The radiator grille surrounds, headlights, taillights, side scuttles, the door handles, the tailpipe trims, the model lettering, and, if equipped accordingly, the ALL4 emblems on the front side panels. The roof and the exterior mirror caps, the roof rails, and the headlight housings of the MINI Countryman in the Untamed Edition are in black. 

The side scuttles feature a graphic pattern inspired by a mountain landscape and the “Untamed” inscription like the door sills. The corresponding lettering is also on the rear side windows. In addition to the inlays and the carrier plates of the side scuttles, the E logo on the tailgate of the plug-in hybrid model MINI Cooper SE Countryman ALL4 is also in Frozen Bluestone. 

Nature-inspired shades of green and blue dominate the interior design for the MINI Countryman in the Untamed Edition. The exclusive Highland Green color combines with blue and green contrast stitching on the surfaces of the sports seats in the MINI Yours Leather Lounge finish. 

The accent strips in the cockpit and on the center console are Frozen Blue metallic, the door trim strips in Arctic Silver metallic, and the surrounds of the air vents in high-gloss black. The illuminated decorative trim in Frozen Bluestone with a landscape pattern analogous to the door sill trims. A large-scale graphic serves as a motif in the interior for the first time instead of a uniform structure. An additional effect is achieved by the “Untamed” lettering visible in the night design. 

In addition, the MINI Countryman edition model features emblems with the “Untamed” lettering on the seats and in the bottom spoke of the Nappa sports leather steering wheel, floor mats with a three-dimensionally embossed landscape pattern in the style of the door sills and decorative trims and an anthracite-colored roof lining. The characteristic graphic of the mountain landscape also adorns the discreet pins in the outer area of the seatbacks in a stylized form. The Untamed Edition for the MINI Countryman also includes the Light Package, the MINI Excitement Package, and the MINI Driving Modes. 

MINI Special Edition Pricing for 2023 Model 

Iconic Trim MSRP / Special edition package Price / Final Edition MSRP Price 

2023 MINI Cooper S Hardtop 2 Door (Resolute) 




 2023 MINI Cooper SE Hardtop 2 Door (Resolute) 




2023 MINI Cooper S Hardtop 4 Door (Resolute) 




2023 MINI Cooper S Convertible (Resolute) 




2023 MINI Cooper S Clubman (Untold) 




2023 MINI Cooper S Clubman ALL4 (Untold) 




 2023 MINI John Cooper Works Clubman ALL4 (Untamed) 




2023 MINI Cooper S Countryman (Untamed) 




2023 MINI Cooper S Countryman ALL4 (Untamed) 




2023 MINI Cooper SE Countryman ALL4 (Untamed) 




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