MINI takes the States (MTTS)

Thinking of buying a MINI but not sure what car color you want? Watch this video of the blast-off in Los Angeles, CA, and see every car color MINI has to offer. The cult following is on the move and we’re driving the nation with them.

MINI is kicking off the rally on the West Coast and East Coast with a culmination of MINI extravaganza in Denver, CO August 14-16, 2010.

Our trip started in San Francisco at the AT&T motor cross. Everyone loved our chocolate covered Mayfair. But, alas, we gave it up after showing it off all the way down the Pacific Coast Highway to Los Angeles. From Los Angeles, CA we caravanned with our fellow MINI men and women to Phoenix, AZ.

Off tomorrow to Las Vegas, NV. We’ll keep posting more videos, so watch as we drive the nation with MINI.