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Must-Have accessories for luxury cars

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Keeping your luxury car clean is an essential part of being a proud car owner. Having your own car makes life a hell of a lot easier, but it’s also a style item. Your awesome car will make you the envy of your friends, colleagues, and neighbors. When you invest in the car of your dreams, there are ways to ensure that your ride is sweeter and smoother than ever. This isn’t just about necessity – it’s about accessories, too. Here are ten ways to accessorize your car!

Leather Seats

This is the ultimate luxury. Having leather seats in your car is an amazing choice for many reasons. Firstly, leather seats look incredible. There’s no denying that the smooth, supple leather will add a touch of class to your ride. Leather is a subtle, beautiful fabric that looks amazing in any car. Big or small, fancy of humble, your car will look stunning with leather seats.

Leather goes beyond just looking awesome. It’s also much easier to keep clean, neat, and stain-free! If you spill coffee, water, or food on the seats, leather seats can be cleaned off with most cleaning products. Unlike fabric seats that soak in any liquids, causing staining and bad smells, leather is very easy to maintain.

If you’re worried about environmental consciousness when it comes to leather, vegan leather is becoming more widely available as the years go by. Ask your provider about ethical leather options, which look real but stay environmentally conscious!

Bluetooth Features

If you’re constantly on the go, Bluetooth is an essential accessory for your car. Bluetooth allows you to speak on the phone hands-free, helping you keep in touch on the go. This helps for people who travel long distances for work; you can be a part of a conference call on your commute! Additionally, if you’re taking a long drive and want to catch up with an old friend, or call home to say goodnight to the kids, you can do all these things with hands-free calling. 

Plus, Bluetooth also lets you listen to any music, podcasts or radio you want! If you’re sick of the same radio show on your commute, jazz it up by getting into podcasts. You can learn as you drive, keeping yourself up to date with current affairs, and unwinding after a long day. If that’s not your thing, listen to your favorite albums and artists wherever you are. 

Bluetooth is fantastic for keeping you safe, too. Using your phone while you drive is not only illegal, but it is also extremely dangerous. Among the top causes for road accidents is distracted driving. Bluetooth accessories remove the need to ever use your phone while you drive, keeping you safe. 

Built-In Sat Nav (GPS)

If you travel long distances, either for your work or social/family life, you need this accessory! Built-in Sattelite Navigation is an incredible tool that means you’ll never get lost again. If you travel to new places all the time, it can be really easy to become stressed and anxious if you get lost. You’re going to be late, you feel frustrated, and this can lead to dangerous or distracted driving – especially if you reach for your phone to give you directions. 

A built-in GPS tracking system helps you take a relaxed journey with no hassle. Instead of using your phone, which is both distracting and battery-draining, opt for this life-changing add-on to make your car even more luxurious. Plus, you can save locations on these devices. This means that after a long day, you can take three seconds to press ‘home’ on your GPS, and your smart car will do the rest for you. 

(Tasteful) Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers are often seen as a little bit of a ‘cringe’. Everybody’s seen those ‘Little Miss Princess!’ stickers which stare you in the face while you’re sitting in traffic. Bumper stickers, however, don’t have to be cringe-worthy or tacky. Especially if you are interested in social issues, or you support a charity, you can show your support using a tasteful bumper sticker

You shouldn’t be afraid to express your hobbies, beliefs, or support. Of course, there are the more controversial options which encourage onlookers to vote a certain way, which might cause a negative reaction. But aside from these, if you support an organization you are proud of, wear it proudly on your car for all to see!

Personalized Licence Plates

If you’re looking to take your car personalization to the next level, look no further than a personalized plate. Customizing your car is an awesome way to be a recognizable figure about town! Plus, personalizing your plate doesn’t have to be extremely obvious, but can be a subtle personalization which stands out in a tasteful way. Private number plates don’t have to cost you a fortune, either – there are many sites and services available to get your perfect plate today!

Fresh Smelling Interiors

MustDon’t you hate it when you get in your car and it smells stale? This is a very common problem, especially in a hot climate. Having a stale-smelling car can make passengers feel travel sick, and can generally give off that “icky” feeling. Plus, if you take clients or colleagues in your car, having a stale or dirty smelling car is the last thing you need. Professionalism doesn’t just come from a beautiful car on the outside – it has to be there on the inside, too. Fortunately, there is an easy way to correct this problem.

Air fresheners used to be those sickly, factory-smelling dangling trees you can buy at gas stations. Well, not anymore! Now, many professional candle and diffuser companies also offer air fresheners specifically for your car. These can be subtle and fragrant or full-on and fruity! Whatever your taste, guarantee your car never smells anything but delicious.

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