Nick Reilly has served as the Chief Executive Officer of OPEL International since January 2010. Reilly makes a point of noting he came onboard after the fighting over Opel, between Magna and General Motors, was over. Admitting that the company was in a mess a year ago, Opel’s CEO Nick Reilly said that General Motors Co.’s beleaguered Opel brand has nearly completed it’s restructuring and should break even by 2012.

German carmaker Opel premiered the new Astra Sports Tourer at this year’s 2010 Mondial de lAutomobile. But the highlight of the Paris Motor Show for Opel was the gorgeious GTC Concept Paris.

At the 2010 Paris auto show Nick Reilly sat down with a group of journalists to talk about the state of Opel. Where is it headed? Will Opel sell the Ampera, or Chevy Volt as it is known in the US, in Europe?

How does Reilly think Opel will end up this year?