Beijing auto show

Cascais, Portugal – I was in Beijing, China the week before I went to Portugal, to attend the Beijing auto show. In an interview with Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Nissan Motor, Ghosn was passionate about electric vehicles. His passion wasn’t just about the electric vehicle getting us off the dependence on foreign oil, but about how a person will want to buy an electric vehicle because of its design.

Shiro Nakamura, senior vice president for the Nissan design division, showed me around the beautifully designed electric car named Mixim.

Okay, the backend looks a little like the Volvo, but the rest of the car is sooo futuristic, especially the interior.

The Mixim only weighs 950 kg, less than 2,100 pounds, and is powered by Nissan’s “super motor” electric motor/generator utilizing a lithium-ion battery. The EV is all-wheel drive, powered by a super motor for the front wheels and another super motor for the rear wheels.

The instrument panel looks more like a computer game room. The configuration of the seats is way cool; there are three seats, the driver’s seat being more forward than the two passengers. You can press a button and the seats swivel to the door so that you can ingress with ease or vice versa.