Beijing, China – It’s so Asian! A little Hello Kitty type car with a smiley face and cute colors. Most people at the Beijing auto show think it is to keep the kids occupied while the adults look at the real cars. Wrong!

PIVO 2 is a concept car that Nissan says incorporates these different technology:

3D motor: compact inverter ultra-thin high output motor is integrated with a compact inverter within the wheel assembly.

Compact Lithium-ION battery: Double the storage capacity of a conventional lithium-ion battery, while delivering about 1.5 times the output in a compact package.

RA, or Robotic agent: monitors facial expressions and voice patterns. Nissan syas that RA interacts with the driver using speech and gesture to encourage the driver into a more positive state.

The Pvios 2’s Metamo system, or variable geometry chassis, enables the four wheels to be independently controlled and dynamically positioned to optimize stability and permit new maneuvers. It aids in parrallel parking.
Watch the video and you’ll notice the angles and position of the wheels are controlled and can change from side to side to ensure stability duting acceleration, decelaration, braking and cornering.

X-by-wire: Watch the video as the X-by-wire technology allows the top part of the car to turnaround, so that the car doesn’t need reverse. Brakes, steering and other operations are controlled electronically instead of mechanically. X-by-wire technology allows freedom of motion for the wheels and cabin.