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Is fracking causing earthquakes?

Good Morning Warren and friends

I had dinner last night with my brother, Ed, who lives in South Carolina but was in the San Francisco bay area for work.

My husband, Stretch, and a couple of Ed’s co-workers, Jason and Mark, all helped Ed celebrate his birthday.

Mark is from Oklahoma so the first thing I asked about was the earthquakes happening out there. Of course, the subject of fracking came up. How many of you think fracking is causing earthquakes?

We were talking about driving in the bay area and Jason said that one of the differences about driving in the bay area is that the drivers leave so much space between each other. I commented that it isn’t that way in Los Angeles.

What city have you driven in where you noticed a different way of driving? I remember driving in New Jersey and NOONE used their blinkers. I asked the driver, a retired cop, about it and he said that was commonplace, you didn’t look at the other driver and you didn’t blink – or use your blinker.

I drove the Nissan Juke Nismo RS from Auburn to San Francisco and back. It got decent mileage, around 29mpg. If I was going to compare it I would have to say its biggest competitor was the Ford Fiesta ST. The 2014 Juke Nismo RS starting MSRP was $26,120. with a final price of $28,345.

Drivability wise the 2014 Juke was sweet, handled the corners, got me out of tight squeezes in traffic, allowed me to punch it and still felt like there was more power.

I would like it quieter. Not the engine, the engine had a nice sound to it, but the road noise and the cabin noise could be dampened.

I also drove the Honda Civic. Quiet, nice, everything about the car is intuitive, back up camera is standard. I got about 30 mpg on that as well. The Civic won’t handle the corners as well as the Juke Nismo or Fiesta St, but for regular commute, it is a great value for the money.

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